APPS BUSINESS IT SOLUTIONS (ABITS) PVT LTDwas conceived in 2006 when a few professionals working in a large MNC firm were persevering to provide better value of services, business transformations, quality in an affordable costing to customers. The idea came to fruitful inception in April 2007 when ABITS was officially registered and the office was inaugurated on 1st of May 2007 by Chairman and Board of Director Mr. Shivakumar Gurumurthy.

ABITS with Managing Director Mr.Sridhar Kamakoti,and his 30 years of around the world business experience and in-depth leadership expertise and joined hands with IT veterans from top niche phenomenal leadership team helped ABITS to scale-up in a Smart way, expand its operations to reach globally, focus on state-of-art solution and of execution excellence mission.

ABITS current workforce with 300+ consultants consists of Solution Architects, SMEs, Database Administrators, Project Managers and Consultants across Niche IT technologies and platforms and providing services to Fortune-500 companies.